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Earning a certificate or degree that will enable you to become a teacher has never been easier. While you still have to study, pass State Teacher Exams, and complete a student teaching practicum, you can complete all of your coursework for both your Bachelor and Master’s degree via online education. Furthermore, the college you choose may have the ability to coordinate with local schools so you can complete the student teaching requirement without ever having to leave your hometown.

Your online teaching degree will have the same value as a degree earned in a traditional classroom. However, becoming an elementary school teacher can now be done in much less time than in the old educational style because you can complete courses in your own time frame, starting new ones as soon as you have satisfied the requirements for a particular portion of the curriculum. Plus, you can study from the comfort of your own home, take advantage of your own familiar local library, or even use the interlibrary resources of your online school to complete research and writing assignments. read more »

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The need for teachers is as great as ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for elementary school teachers is expected to grow faster than average right through 2014. The numbers of children under age 5 is increasing and is expected to increase the need for elementary school teachers right through at least 2019.  Salaries range from just over $27, 700 to about $43,000, but those in higher paying areas or with accumulated experience can make over $50,000.  As teachers of elementary school usually have to be well-versed in a variety of subjects, the pay is sometimes higher than that for a high school or middle school teacher.

In addition to having an important role in creating the nation’s future leaders, teaching elementary school is simply fun. The opportunity for creativity and exploration in a variety of learning styles makes teaching as enjoyable for the teacher as learning is for the students. Most children are naturally curious; having not yet reached the age where the distractions of puberty, early jobs and obsession with sports interferes with education, younger children tend to be open minded toward new subjects and are usually proud to take their projects and achievements home to share with parents.

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