Why Study Social Sciences?

Sociology Studies involves multiple disciplines, preparing you for a wide variety of career fields or providing a solid foundation for graduate work in nearly any discipline from Anthropology to Criminal Justice, Education, Psychology, and more. If you aren't exactly sure what field you want to settle in for an eventual career, Social Science will give you a sampling of many fields but will also give you an adequate education for employment based on the Social Sciences degree itself.

Your Sociology online program will involve studies in such subjects as Economics, History, Human Development, Women’s Studies, History, Psychology, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Introduction to Criminal Justice, just to name a few.

Types / Areas for Social Sciences Studies

Sociology studies can open the door to a wide variety of career choices. While many people with a Social Science degree enter the education field either in teaching or in research, the Social Science degree positions you for a pursuit of managementsuch as a principal, school superintendent, college dean, department head, curriculum advisor, or any other supervisory position in the education arena. However, education is only one of many choices. Other people enter law enforcement, government or public service, business or research. Unlike a “general studies” degree which provides a student with a little bit of everything, but a thorough study of nothing, the Sociology degree with its focus on human behavior, group psychology, cultural and environmental influences, impacts of historical change, and studies in ethics prepares you to do nearly anything you want to do. Furthermore, if your chosen career requires additional education, your Social Science degree credits will usually transfer, providing the groundwork for the graduate studies you need. read more »

Schools that offer an online Sociology/Social Science degree

A Few Careers for Social Sciences Graduates

The best use of the BA in Sociology is as preparation for future studies in order to become a teacher, professor, researcher or applied sociologist.  In addition, sociologists can be found in the corporate, non-profit, or government fields where they work as consultants, human resource managers, program managers, and policy analysts. An “applied sociologist” might have an actual job title among any of the following:

Salary Range for Sociology Degrees

Because of the diversity of sociology careers, it is difficult to pinpoint an expected salary. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for a person with a Sociology degree is $53,000. Also, they say that starting salaries are typically higher than the salaries for comparable degree fields.

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