Earn a Political Science Degree via the Internet

A degree in Political Science could take you into education, into public service as a politician, into the legal arena as a lawyer, or even into international relations. Political science requires a lot of reading, research, writing of papers, and an up-to-date awareness of the things that are going on in the world and how current events are likely to change the way we live. In short, it’s the type of study that can easily be accomplished from the privacy and comfort of your own home with a good internet connection.

Traditional college courses in Political Science often involve “field trips” where students observe court room proceedings, political rallies, congressional debates and processes. Thanks to the internet, many of these real life observations are available online. The libraries, also, are completely accessible to the online student as are “forums” for planned peer discussion and interaction. Anything you would need to do in the traditional classroom can be accomplished with a Political Science Online Degree program. read more »

Schools offering an online degree program in Political Science

What is Political Science?

Political Science is one of the oldest educational pursuits in history. Students in ancient Greece studied the behavior of their rulers, attempting to codify the characteristics that make the best leaders and the most efficient governments. Students wrote papers and engaged in debates that were watched by the leaders of their day. Consequently, once a student had completed his studies, he was often in an ideal position to take on a leadership role himself. (Sorry, girls were generally not included in those days.)

Today's Political Science students can be of either gender and can work in a public or legal field themselves or can impact government policy “from a distance” by working and writing papers and journal articles as a college professor, political columnist, editorial writer, or news commentator. They might work as ambassadors responsible for helping maintain diplomacy among international entities. They could also work with the military, applying military history to current situations to enable today's military leaders to employ the best strategies.

Projected Salaries in the Political Science Field

A person with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science could have a salary in the low to mid 30s ($30,000) as an administrative assistant or paralegal, or as much as $60,000 as a Human Resource manager. However, most Political Science students are quick to see the opportunities and advantages of advanced degrees and go on for at least a Master’s degree. Not all students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science actually pursue careers in politics or government, although many of them do. Those who make a name for themselves as knowledgeable people, able to provide government officials with sound advice, can command handsome salaries of $50,000 or more rather quickly. Therefore, it would be accurate to say that your salary with a degree in Political Science is going to be whatever you make it.

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