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If you love learning about the past of the human race, but can’t take time away from your current job, you can fulfill your dreams and keep working at the same time by earning your Master’s degree in history online.

Many of the degrees available through internet study are primarily business degrees. However, in recent years, more colleges have begun offering Liberal Arts degrees through internet study as well.

History is well suited to an online program thanks to the wide range of research materials now available through the internet. Documents and archives that once meant hours in a musty library or trips to locations where archives are stored are now available through the internet. In fact, the best colleges even pay for subscriptions to classic research materials such as MLA Bibliography, Humanities Index, or numerous other sources. As a student, you get to take advantage of these top notch sources for free. Additionally, you will usually be able to explore such elite sources as National Archives, the New York Times Index and other valuable newspaper resources. In short, getting your degree in history has never been easier. read more »

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What can you do with a degree in history? The first thing that comes to mind for most people is to teach in either a high school or college setting. While many history majors do enter a teaching environment, there are many other possibilities. A person with a history degree could be a researcher, an editor, an information manager, a fact checker or even a business person, just for starters. Some more romantic jobs might lead you to a historical society where you might conduct presentations for museums, develop displays of various historical periods, or work to help preserve historical sites.

Do you like working outside? You might work for a national park service or even for a government agency such as the Senate Historical Office or the Society for History in the Federal Government.

Obviously the range of salaries for a historian is as varied as the jobs themselves. For a person who loves history, the attraction is not the salary, but the opportunity for a life long opportunity to study and understand the changes, developments and challenges of humanity.

Use our friendly site to research the schools that offer Master’s degrees in History online. Your dream job is only a few clicks away.

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