Degrees in English: Now Available Online

A degree in English or Liberal Arts was once one of the most common college degrees. However, the intense specialization during the latter part of the 20th century—with students taking as little English as possible in exchange for courses in computer applications, medical fields, and business, for example, has drawn much of the attention away from the traditional BA degree in English or Liberal Arts.

The specialization in other areas, however, does not negate the importance of having a solid background in communication skills. In fact, those with a BA degree in English often find it much easier to change careers or to pursue advanced degrees in other fields. A degree in either English or Liberal arts is so comprehensive that the courses are easily applied to nearly any other field. Furthermore, the need for people with highly developed skills in reading, interpretation, textual analysis, along with writing and speaking is as strong as ever. Nor do you need to spend hours sitting in a traditional classroom. Like many other disciplines, degrees in English are now available entire through online study. read more »

Schools that offer English/English Literature/ Language Arts

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Career Possibilities

English Language Learning: ELL is a fairly new but rapidly growing field for teachers who want to participate in a global educational experience. English Language Learning gives you strategies for teaching your current subject—i.e., science, nursing, law, etc., to non-English speakers. This is different from ESL or English as a Second Language which involves actually teaching English to non-English speakers.

Advanced degrees in Applied Linguistics give you the skills for teaching English as a second or subsequent language along with a practical understanding of cross-cultural relationships and global communication. In addition to teaching, a degree here could help you to acquire a job in the development and interpretation of business documents that may be created in English by people who do not customarily speak or use English on a daily basis.

A BA degree in English will include a study of words, literature, ideas and how these concepts have been used throughout history. While many people think of English degrees as applicable primarily to teaching English or working as a journalist, a solid understanding of the history of word usage can mean the difference in a legal battle, in obtaining a business contract, or in making an impact as a foreign ambassador who may be responsible for saying exactly the right thing at the right time.

Degrees in English transfer very well into degree programs in the Social Sciences and law fields. In fact, many of the courses taken by an English major are also required for a degree in Social Sciences, thus allowing you to fit additional specialized courses into your study plans.

Organization and Management

In some programs, you can combine an English/Language Arts concentration with an Organizational Management program. You will learn practical applications for your skills in communication and will develop an understanding of how group behavior, decision making, resource management and ethics impact today's business world.

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