Some of the courses you might take in acquiring a degree in Economics include Finance, Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Fundamentals of eBusiness, Managerial Economics etc.

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A degree in economics may sound similar to a degree in business—and may indeed start that way, but an economist goes beyond the success or failure of a business and analyzes the circumstances that cause a social group to behave in ways that contribute to either a booming or a declining economy within a given community or country.  An economist might work as a professor in an educational institution, a manager or advisor within a business or governmental group, or as an independent consultant.

Because economists have a broad understanding of the way business works and of the kinds of behaviors needed to assure the success of a business, graduates with economics degrees are uniquely positioned for careers in business management, entrepreneurial pursuits, financial advisors, global trade and more. Since the field of Economics is so large, most universities offering online economics degrees will have their own variation, such as Business Economics or Managerial Economics. At least one college even offers a degree in Economic Crime. You will need to choose the program that most accurately meets your own particular interests. read more »

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While some colleges offer associate degrees, many offer online graduate degrees in various Economics fields as individuals with the most education will be able to obtain the most coveted positions at the highest pay. In fact, the US Labor Department  reports that starting financial analysts can earn from $35,000 to over $100,000 depending on their qualifications and type of degree. The outlook for availability of jobs is also good because many economists work more as consultants with positions not necessarily dependent on the condition of the market itself. It is a brutal irony that the worse the economy actually is, the more desperately a major business will covet the advice of a qualified consultant.

In deciding to embark on an economist career, you need to know the extent to which you yourself are willing to be continuously involved in reading, research, and creative analysis. In order to provide the best advice for your clients, you will have to read massive quantities of reports, news and market reports and be enthusiastic about conducting meticulous research into situations that have caused market changes in the past as well as strategies that have enabled businesses to both survive and grow in any kind of market. You should be willing to keep journals of your observations and write articles explaining your advice or positions. The best economists are informed on a global level. It is a career in which you never stop learning, and you can quickly become an authority on issues that the average person never fully understands.

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