Travel and Hospitality Management Online Programs

Hospitality Management training is a relatively new degree field that offers a competitive edge to those who like meeting new people, are great communicators, and have a knack for making people feel at home in unfamiliar settings. Hospitality management is often combined with tourism or travel management for obvious reasons.

Those who travel most often are businessmen, government officials, journalists on assignment or others who must conduct business, but who also want to make the most of their tourism opportunities. These people are not looking for cramped quarters with little more than free internet and a continental breakfast. They expect spacious private quarters, comfortable state-of-the art meeting rooms, coordinated travel accommodations, and information on local sites and dining opportunities. The professional hospitality/tourism manager will know how to put all the pieces together so the guest can have the most enjoyable visit.

The following brief summaries will give you an idea of some of the courses you may study as a part of your travel management degree. read more »

Browse schools that offer online degrees in Hospitality/Tourism/Travel

This list is just a brief sampling of the more unexpected areas of study that would eventually be part of a hospitality / tourism manager’s training. With the availability of online study, you will find numerous respected schools with programs that will lead to your career in tourism, travel, or hospitality.

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