Earn an Online Degree in Hospitality Management or Hotel and Restaurant Management

If you have a flair for business and enjoy meeting and working with all types of people, a hotel management online school might have just the career for you. Hotel and restaurant management colleges offer a wide variety of hospitality oriented coursesfrom gourmet cooking to business management of a simple lodge. Whether you want to live in the US or abroad, you could choose to manage a no-frills economy hotel designed for the person who simply needs a night's lodging on a trip, or you could shoot for the top and work your way into a high profile hotel, a vacation resort, a luxury spa, or even a cruise ship.

You might wonder how, with the US and world economies in a bit of a tail spin during the last few years, top level resorts and hotels will stay in business. It seems that every one wants to travel, whether it is for business or vacation; the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2016, the number of food service managers and lodging managers will increase by 11 and 12 percent, respectively. A hotel manager can earn a salary in the range of $50,000 a year. The Chief executives of such establishments earn six figures. read more »

Schools offering degrees in Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality Mgmt.

The smooth operation of a restaurant is far more complex than you might think, and this is just part of the task of managing a hotel or resort. Even a smaller hotel that only offers continental breakfast will need someone who can oversee the kitchen and maintenance of equipment, order supplies, track inventory, hire and train personnel, maintain accounts, avoid waste, and interact with customers. Jobs such as these can be tiring with long hours, but if you prove yourself in a smaller establishment, you may eventually find it easier to start your career in a major hotel or vacation resort. Of course, some people may prefer to work exclusively in a good restaurant and might thus focus on culinary arts, account management, and personnel relations. If you have a talent for cooking, combining flavors and arranging visually pleasing culinary masterpieces, you might set your sites on the position of executive chef in a resort hotel or on a cruise ship.

Schools offering online programs in restaurant or hotel management usually offer associate, bachelor and advanced degree programs. If you are in a hurry to get started, you might complete an associate, and then see if you can find a job. An employer in a large hotel or restaurant will often be willing to help pay the tuition for additional courses. Use our convenient search tool to find a school with the program that matches your ambitions.

(Note: Some courses combine a degree program in Restaurant Management with a Culinary Arts and Gourmet Cooking program.)
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