Beat the Competition with a Degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Hospitality Management

Hotel and Restaurant Management can be a fascinating career, but changes in the global nature of business have actually reduced the growth of these jobs. However, that need not discourage the serious applicant as the system has gradually been weeding out the less qualified managers in favor of those with college degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management. In addition, the US Census Bureau reports that individuals with an advanced degree—such as a Masters’ or a Doctoral degree—make an average of $74,000 per year, regardless of the degree field.

A quick drive through nearly any large town will reveal numerous roadside motels—boarded up and abandoned. Believe it or not, the circumstances that resulted in these closures can be used to your advantage in conjunction with your degree from either an Online institution or a traditional college. read more »

Schools that offer degrees in Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality Mgmt.

Due to the higher cost of travel and the convenience of internet communication, small companies that once sent their employees on various missions that required motel accommodations can now accomplish the same tasks over the internet. At the same time, leisure “camper” dealers and the accommodating camper trailer parks have seen an explosion in business as seniors and baby-boomers approaching retirement have invested retirement funds in these leisure homes for vacation and travel in their senior years. The comfortable home on wheels eliminates the need for a motel in which to spend the night. The few low-cost motels that remain are often used by construction workers or road and survey crews who are on a job that is a long distance from home.

Despite the closures, hotels and restaurants are not in any danger of becoming icons of previous generations. Major companies send their employees to conferences and conventions; high level officials travel around the globe on important negotiations, and vacationers—those who don't have the campers—seek comfort and safety for the nights away from home. Thus, it isn't that people don't use hotels, but that when they do use them, they want first class—the resort hotels and the units boasting of high speed Internet and cable TV as well as spacious quarters. The day of the “dive” is nearly a thing of the past.

Use our easy interactive site to begin your career as a part of this elite industry. No matter what type of school you choose, you will likely take courses in economic principles, accounting practices, administration, marketing, catering, maintenance engineering, housekeeping, and food service management, just to name a few. You can actually begin your education in high school as Lodging Management Programs are offered at more than 450 schools around the country. If that was not an option for you, however, you can begin your education at any age and from the comfort of your own home. In fact, if you are already working for a restaurant or hotel and dream of the “big bucks,” you may find that your employer is willing to help pay for the course work that would enable you to be a more effective employee and that would make you eligible for promotions.

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