Masters / PhD Degrees in Public Health Give you the Competitive Edge

Today a Master’s Degree is almost a necessity if you really want the best salary and opportunities in the Public Health field. And, since most people who are serious about a life long career in this field do have their masters’ degrees, you can expect that those who reach the top in the largest and most influential institutions also have a PhD.

Numerous online institutions offer advanced degrees in Public Health. Most of the universities cited here offer programs for people who already have a bachelor’s degree and are already working in some aspect of Public Health. Both they and your employer know that having the in-depth knowledge you acquire from an advanced degree will likely enable you to perform more effectively as a public health official. Thus, you can find degree programs for nearly any aspect of the public health field; use our convenient service to explore the available programs and find the one that fits the career you want to advance. read more »

Schools offering an online Masters degree in Public Health

There are many reasons for the educational requirement other than just competition for salaries. The health field has grown exponentially in the last 30 years with more areas of specialization, more fields and levels of responsibility and more possibilities for litigation than anyone ever dreamed of in the days when the friendly local physician went door to door to take care of the patients in his town. Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, community services, pharmacists, primary care clinics and governmental regulations are so intertwined that it is nearly impossible to learn everything about even one specialty in a four year bachelor’s degree program. The bachelor degree program teaches you the basics about the field of health care you want; the advanced degrees give you in depth knowledge and experience, enabling you to make a real contribution to Public Health.

Years ago, only those who wanted to be in management considered advanced degrees. For the vast majority of graduates, it simply wasn't necessary as they could perform their jobs and even achieve a certain level of promotion with just a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, earning an advanced degree was expensive, often two or three times higher than the cost of the bachelor’s degree. Since most government grants such as TAP and PELL do not apply to graduate degrees, those who did pursue additional education relied on fellowships or research grants from the institutions awarding the degrees.

Just as the Public Health field itself has changed, so the internet has changed the opportunities for the needed education. You no longer need to quit working so you can complete a residency at the college. You can obtain your master’s degree or PhD entirely online from the comfort of your own home—without quitting your job. Also, if you are already working in your chosen field, your own employer is likely to have a reimbursement program. In this case, you would usually have to pay for your first semester or course yourself and would be reimbursed once you show a passing grade report. You would use the reimbursement to pay for the next course, and so on.

Get started now in obtaining the level of satisfaction you want from the field to which you have committed your working years.

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