Online Nursing Degree Programs—LPN to RN, RN to BSN, and more.

The biggest stumbling block to moving from your LPN or LVN to a Registered Nurse is the waiting list. Traditional nursing programs often have waiting lists of two or three years for individuals who want to obtain their RN. Some nurses stay in school, taking computer courses and other programs of minor interest, just to keep from having to start loan repayments prior to finishing their RN.

Now, however, you can obtain your RN online with no local clinicals required. Of course, you still have to take the nursing board exams for your state, but you can complete all of your studies over the internet. Why is the waiting list so long? It’s because traditional courses are very hands on, and the classes must be limited in size in order to get everyone into the labs and to get all the students scheduled for the clinicals in the local health care facilities. It seems that scores of people want to become nurses. However, you need not worry that there will be too many by the time you get there. The nursing course are very rigorous; in an average class of 50 students, only about 15 will complete all the work and pass the boards. Furthermore, due to increasing specialization, the nursing field has faced a shortage of personnel for several years. However, can help to fill the gap by completing your education online. Avoid the lines, the waiting list, the high pressure atmosphere of the traditional courses, but still obtain a quality degree and a license that will be just as highly valued as if you had been in the classroom. read more »

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Nursing is not an easy career, but since you already have either an LPN or an LVN, you know that. It is, however, highly rewarding with a wide variety of career choices. You could work in a hospital or a single physician’s office. You could be the nurse for a school district, the on-site nurse at your local public assistance office, at a children's camp, or even at a correctional facility. In fact, if you prefer to make your own hours—adjusted for your own family—you could join the ranks of home care nurses who deliver care to home bound seniors, to the disabled, or to people recovering from accidents or severe illnesses. If you are an exceptionally compassionate person, you may even want to consider becoming a hospice nurse.

Salary for Nurses

Like any other job, pay for nurses varies largely depending on geographic location and experience. However, PayScale, Inc. reports the median salary of about $23.00 per hour for an RN with 1 to 4 years of experience. The larger cities with several hospitals or clinics, and thus a greater likelihood of nursing shortages will pay more than a small town with one hospital and a handful of provider offices. Additionally, don't overlook the opportunities in nursing homes. Although the elderly are often cared for primarily by CNNs and LPNs, every nursing home must have several RNs on staff. The work is usually more routine than it would be in a hospital, and most nursing homes do not operate on a swing shift, as many hospitals do. Thus, if you are trying to raise a family along with maintaining a career, you may find a nursing home to be a less stressful option. An RN with 1 to 4 years experience can count on earning about $19.00 per hour in a nursing home.

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