Masters in Healthcare Management: Study Online

Have you ever felt like those giving instructions in your healthcare facility were incompetent, guilty of playing to some political agenda, or simply out of touch with the needs of patients and caregivers? Maybe it’s time to take the reins yourself and step up to the plate with a healthcare management degree.

Those who seek careers in healthcare administration usually need a master’s degree or higher. Thus, if you already have a bachelor of nursing degree, you are probably in an ideal situation to seek out the master’s degree program that fits the type of management you would be interested in.

Possibilities for consideration include management of patient care facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes, management of the financial and insurance departments, direction of community programs such as your county public assistance programs including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and more. read more »

Browse schools that offer a Health Care Management degree

Those that hold a healthcare management degree usually make high salaries, often approaching six figures in metropolitan areas. That being said, those persons who are in healthcare management today and who have been there for much of their career may not necessarily be the best people for the jobs they hold. Before health care became as specialized as it is today, people were often given promotions on the basis of seniority or recommendations that had nothing to do with actual qualifications. As these people approach retirement or move to other careers, the CEO boards in charge of hiring are looking for people who have actually been trained in management. Additionally, if you are working in management yourself, you will be more of an asset to your employers if you keep up with modern trends, practices and technologies. Online study which allows you to maintain your current position and put your new skills to use even as you learn them will help you earn your master’s degree in the shortest possible time period.

Your master’s degree in healthcare administration could be a Master of Science in Nursing / Management and Leadership, or possibly an MBA in Healthcare management. With the nursing degree you would most likely be directly in charge of those responsible for patient care. With the MBA, you would have even more flexibility and could actually end up as a CEO of a healthcare facility or on a boards where you have input into major decisions that would impact the direction of your healthcare facility. You could also have an MBA in Nonprofit Management which would involve directing community nonprofit organizations and services that monitor and direct public health, environmental issues and more.

Online education is easy to get these days, so it is important to make sure that you complete your studies with an accredited institution whose online program has been recognized by major accrediting agencies. We make every effort to ensure that the programs linked to our site are of highest quality. In any case, you may want to get information from several schools before making your decision. You can use our user friendly search tools to obtain everything you need.

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