Management Information Systems: The New Job Security for Savvy Americans

American workers have been complaining for a couple of decades now that all the good jobs have gone overseas. It’s true that much of our manufacturing has been shipped over to developing countries where the taxes, environmental restrictions, and employee benefits cost a fraction of what they cost in the United States. While that is not necessarily always a good thing, what it means on the home front is that a large number of the new jobs are in health care, education, infrastructure development, and information technology.

However, the first three areas—along with all other career fields in Americaare increasingly inter-dependent on the last. That is, regardless of the career field a person chooses, information systems and technology will be integrated into the job, requiring that a successful person understand enough about modern information technology to be able to conduct his or her business operations according to 21st century expectations. read more »

Schools that provide degrees in Management Information Systems

Beyond an ability to operate the required system, however, the average worker is not going to know how to maintain the technology used in his or her business. All industry, non-profit organizations, business, education fields, health care, government jobs—and everything else today—depend on effective and dependable information systems. Consequently, a degree or certificate in management information systems will lead you to some of the best job security you can hope for in today’s work place. Even if your employer cuts back, there will always be another one in need of someone who can install, maintain, and modify existing systems to keep up with internal demand and external competition.

Your MIS degree, like many computer related degrees, can be earned completely through online study. You need access to the internet and a computer powerful enough to handle downloads and various types of software and hardware that you will need to learn about. Beyond that, your study time and speed of completion will be determined by your own schedule and obligations.

A bachelor’s degree is often the minimum expectation of employers hiring in the MIS field. However, be prepared for the fact that rapid change has led many to seek the Masters’ degree, and a person who has such will probably be hired ahead of someone with a lesser degree. In fact, some employers prefer specialists with an MBA as a core degree. The combination MBA and MIS can lead to progressively higher leadership positions within a business or industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to grow 16 percent over the 2006-16 decade, which is faster than the average for all occupations. New applications of technology in the workplace will continue to drive demand for workers, fueling the need for more managers.”

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