Earn a Physical Education or Sports Psychology Degree with Online Study

Believe it or not, it is now possible to earn a masters degree online in physical education. You might wonder how you could learn to teach "gym" through online study. Physical education today involves a lot more than teaching a class of students to play volley ball or some other sport. It includes not only the physical activity itself, but also the history of sports, physical education, the teaching of teamwork, participation, decision making and sports sciences.

Many phys ed teachers also teach the health classes, so your education might be a combination of physical and health education degrees online. On both the graduate and bachelor degree levels, you will find sports psychology degree programs and programs in recreation education.

Making Use of Your Education
A person who wants to work for a public school system will eventually need at least a master's degree in physical education or recreation education. In fact, while many other choices are possible, the most common place for a career with a physical education degree is still the public school system. The phys ed teacher usually teaches some classes and is often a coach for some of the school sports as well. Thus, it will become important that you enjoy days with long hours as both practice and games will take place after school and sometimes on weekends. read more »

Browse schools offering Sports Management/ Physical Education

If you want to work exclusively within your degree fieldand are not particularly interested in teaching health classes or having a second major such as math or history, you might consider focusing on sports medicine. This route could land a career as a personal trainer, a researcher in sports equipment, a rehabilitation specialist or perhaps a fitness club manager. In the field of sport tourismanother possibilityyou might be a program coordinator or recreational therapist.

Possible Salaries
Your salary will certainly be determined both by your degree and by the level of responsibilities you take on. Those who become coaches can expect fairly generous stipends in addition to their salaries. If you work in a sports medicine role, say as personal trainer for an athlete, your salary will be determined by the owner of the particular team.  Athletic clubs such as the WMCA or others probably will not pay much, but the job will be fairly stress free and easy. The most recent surveydone in 2000, shows that graduates with degrees in physical education earn salaries from $40,000 to $50,000 once they have about 5 years of experience.

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