Law Degrees

What can you do with a law degree other than become a lawyer? You might get into politics and run for government office—or you might enter the field of police work, union arbitration, or contract negotiation.

You might deal with such issues as immigration, national security, or forensics, just for starters.The best part of getting your degree is that today you can earn it completely online while continuing your current job. In fact, you may even be able to land an apprenticeship on the local level and get paid even while continuing to work on your degree. read more »

Featured schools that provide online Law degrees:

You can earn a law degree at any level, but it will not be a degree in “law” in general. Instead it will be a degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in one or more of the many possible fields available. For example, with an associate degree in Business Law, you would learn about regulations and legal aspects of operating a business. This might include some courses in finance, accounting, business law, legal research and writing, ethics and more. A person seeking a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice would study the criminal justice system, police theory and practice, and legal research methods just for starters.

Law degrees are a bit like liberal arts degrees in that a person with a degree in any type of legal field will be able to apply his or her knowledge in unlimited ways and should be able to find a job in any field from education to international relations. Your most challenging task will be to sort through the many possibilities offered by the institutions in our network in order to find the degree program that is exactly right for you.

Salaries in law fields vary widely depending on the specific field and on your actual level of education as well as your experience. One advantage of a law degree, however, is that it lends itself to promotion, regardless of the specific career field. As you become known in your field, you will be exposed to opportunities to advance and increase your salary accordingly.

The following list demonstrates just a few things you could do with a law degree:

You can probably think of many other law related careers. Use our friendly network system to obtain more information on top schools in this field.

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