Homeland Security

Homeland Security Degree programs were non-existent prior to the events of September 11, 2001.  Although it was an important concept, most people associated national security with the military, particularly the National Guard, or with select organizations within the government such as the CIA or FBI. We learned, however, that America is vulnerable not only to political or religious fanatics who can commandeer a plane, but also to even more insidious threats such as Anthrax, germ warfare, and computer viruses, the latter having the capability  of shutting down our banking systems, power distribution systems and much more.

A determined terrorist with nothing on his hands but time and plenty of patience has almost unimaginable opportunity to infiltrate and destroy American society.

This realization has given birth to a wide variety of careers and specialized jobs, all focused on some aspect of homeland security. A person seeking employment as a homeland security specialist might work in a state or local police department, in the safety division of an industrial plant, in an airport or power plant, or even in a school or hospital. read more »

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The methods of compromising American security are so plentiful and frightening that the government has allocated billions of dollars to researching and developing ways to protect us from the most complex and insidious threats. With the availability of funds, law enforcement and government agencies all across the country have added homeland security divisions to their resources. This has created job opportunities for people who are specially trained in ways to protect the American people.

While the military plays a larger role than ever in homeland security, the desire for protection at every level has led to the implementation of homeland security procedures at the civilian levels as well. Of course, the number of people joining the military has decreased over the years, making it impossible for the military to protect people adequately at home and conduct overseas operations at the same time. Numerous colleges and universities have responded to the need by developing Homeland Security Degree programs in a wide variety of specialties from recognizing and dealing with cyber crime to developing protection against blatant terrorist attacks. Most Homeland Security programs are listed under the Criminal Justice divisions of universities. Degrees at every level, rom associate to doctoral degrees can be found, but most jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree.  Many programs allow you to study completely online, perhaps applying your skills to your current job as you learn.

Salaries for homeland security jobs are as broad as the field itself, ranging from about $18,000 to over $77,000. Your actual salary will depend on your education, location, experience, and on the resources of the particular employer. Jobs with the Federal Government don’t necessarily pay the highest salaries, so you need to examine the job descriptions closely.

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