Online Masters/ PhD Degrees in Psychology Education

If you have an interest in the study of human behavior, you should consider pursuing one of the available accredited online degrees in psychology. Psychology graduates often enter a health care field, but many also work in education, in forensic psychology and in psychology social work.

Due to the clinical requirements, it was at one time difficult to obtain a psychology degree without attending traditional college classes, but due to the advances in technology and the ability to complete clinicals in facilities in your own area, you can now locate accredited online psychology masters degree programs and in some cases, even Ph.D. programs. Click on our link to be taken to a form where you can request the type of information you need.

To obtain the best career position, you will most likely want an advanced psychology degree although you may be able to find entry employment with only a bachelor’s degree. Those with advanced degrees find positions in research and evaluation, clinical psychology, administration, law enforcement, and even in government where those in international diplomacy need a keen understanding of the motivations and thinking patterns of individuals from other cultures. Those with only a bachelor’s degree are more likely to have positions assisting other psychologists. read more »

Schools offering online degree programs in Psychology

Although psychology is one of the most popular degrees, students often wonder exactly what they will do with it. The following career fields should give you some ideas.

School psychologist: While schools at one time hired mostly school counselors who had studied educational psychology but spent most of their time advising students about class requirements and college choices, today’s schools place a much stronger emphasis on the mental well being of the students. Consequently, most school districts have at least one school psychologist who often oversees the guidance counselors, handles testing, and works with parents on behalf of students. The school psychologist field is consider the hottest psychology jobs.

Geriatrics Psychologist: Great strides have been made in the field of geriatrics in recent year. A geriatrics psychologist will help families understand aging parents and will work with individuals in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to make sure they are being mentally stimulated and are getting as much out of life as possible. No longer are seniors left to sit by the window day after day, just wasting away. Instead, they have opportunity for adult day care programs where they can interact with their peers, participate in hands on activities and maintain a quality of life appropriate to their health.

Sports Psychologist: These individuals help athletes focus on winning. They work with student and adult athletes, helping people overcome the fear of failure and cope with competition.

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