Contribute to Humanity through your Online Counseling Degree

The word “counselor” often makes people think of your high school counselor, or perhaps of the leader at a summer camp, but the counseling field involves a wide range of human services from marital counseling to youth counseling to counseling for prevention of substance abuse. Counseling today is almost as specialized as medicine. Through your online degree program, you can decide what age and type of people you would most enjoy working with. There is such a need for qualified counselors that you will be able to find work with any choice you make.

Counseling degree can be as advanced as you want them, from the Bachelors, to the Masters, to the Graduate school degree programs. Of course, the higher your degree, the more you can expect to be paid and the more you will be qualified to do. For example, a person with a doctoral degree might eventually by the supervisor of a mental health or christian counseling center. The following descriptions will give you just an idea of the many possible directions your degree could take you. read more »

Featured schools that provide Social Sciences -- Counseling degrees:

Human Services—Counseling

Courses focus on healthy life adjustment, understanding human diversity, and a comprehensive synthesis of theoretical approaches (social, behavioral and development) to human growth.

Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is a fast growing field. With a degree in leadership coaching, you will learn how to apply psychological theory to organizational leadership to help leaders in industry, government and education develop their professional and personal skills and apply them to enhance their operations.

School Counseling

No longer just people who help students choose their course, school counselors are responsible for a wide range of services which often include interaction between the school and the families. The school counselor may be the first source to which teachers, families or students turn when family or personal problems threaten a student’s education. A degree in school counseling will enable you to deliver and manage school programs and to act as a leader who can advocate for the needs of students.

Marital Couple and Family Counseling

With all of our advances in technology, we have not solved the problem of the dysfunctional family. In fact, the fast paced life style, the likelihood that both parents will have careers, and the peer pressure faced by young people all contribute to a greater than ever need for qualified family counseling. With a focus on families, your counseling degree will emphasize theories of relationship building that will help families and couples achieve their dreams without sacrificing themselves.

Rehabilitation Counseling

A focus on rehabilitation counseling will enable you to work with individuals and groups who must cope with various disabilities—both genetic and those resulting from accidents or illness. You will learn how to plan, develop and evaluate services for the disabled within a community.

Salaries for Counselors

School counselors and social workers make from $31,000 to $68,000, depending on the years of experience. A person with a doctoral degree can expect an additional $3,000 to $4,000 per year depending on geographic area and actual job title. The median salary for vocational counselors is $54,000.

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