What "Can't" You Do With a Masters in Divinity or a Doctorate in Ministry?

We knew we'd have a field day, listing off jobs to be had on church grounds and the kaleidoscope of vocations opened to you once you further your education in a graduate program. Whether you're working towards a Masters in Divinity or a Doctorate in Ministry, your talents and interests can be put to good use to build a particularly unique resume. What you may not have realized, however, is the sheer flexibility of Christian studies. Here is our abbreviated field day:

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And you may not have considered...

A note about salaries of ministers, theologists, and preachers: there truly are no one-salary-fits-all averages because of the many directions you can go in with an advanced Christian studies degree in hand. Almost no one seeks a higher education in theological study for the money - I think we can all agree that individuals that do simply don't have their heart in the right place. The truth is that pastors, ministers, and clergymen have one of the most rewarding vocations possible and it's job satisfaction, not monetary reward, that validates their chosen profession.

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