Web Site Design/ Development: Start or Advance Your Career

It’s hard to believe that in just a little over 10 years we have gone from a condition where America On Line virtually dominated the internet scene—at per minute charges—and people who signed on did so for entertainment more than for any real research or shopping, to an age where any business that wants to survive must have its own website. Of course, today’s websites are maintained by an endless network of internet host sites, and domain names can be acquired as easily as naming your cat.

While businesses, universities and agencies recognize the need for a web presence, most company officials are not educated in the methods of effective design development. Thus, they hire professional developers who excel in online website designs that will draw business and increase revenues. Some web pages are simple landing or business identifier pages while others are complicated sites containing research options, purchase opportunities, and company contact and product information.

Web developers possess many skills including programming knowledge, computer networking, HTML abilities, and the ability to write and use Java and Flash scripts. Proficiency in English—an often overlooked element that can make the difference in getting the job—is also required as the developer has to write and edit the content for the pages. read more »

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In spite of the late 2008 economy, the outlook for web developers remains strong and competitive. Starting pay is at least $35,000 in most areas but can be as much as $100,000 a year. Many employers are beginning to look for four year design degrees—and your salary may be commensurate with your degree; however, if you have a good portfolio of effective sites you have designed, an employer who wants his site up and running “yesterday” may be willing to regard experience over formal education.      If you don’t have that experience yet, you may want to at least earn a certificate via the application development training courses available at several respected institutions. The training itself will enable you to develop a portfolio that could land the position you seek.

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