Study Online for a Master of Technology Management

A Master of Science in Technology Management  will equip you to use and develop technology for many different industries. The primary problem with the heavy dependence on technology in today’s business world is not obtaining or using the technology itself, but the speed with which this technology changes. A manufacturer can barely get a new product on the shelf before an update or complete modification makes the product obsolete.

A technology manager is able to adapt to change quickly and will have a sense of new developments and the speed with which those developments will bring about a change of plans for the business.

Technology managers study courses like Data Modeling and Applications, Internet Technologies, Client Server Applications, Strategic Information Technology, and Network Security among others. More simply put, you will study general computer science concepts, operating systems and network administration. Such courses will enable you to evaluate new technologies as to whether they will benefit the company. You will also know how to apply technologies in the unique ways that modern businesses require in order to stay current with their competition. read more »

Schools offering a degree in TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT

A Master of Science in Technology Management program is well suited to an individual who is already in a management position or who hopes to be. You can continue working at your current position while learning and applying the new technology management skills. You would also be well suited, upon receiving your degree, to enter into project management information systems or LAN/WAN management. It is said that graduates in this field can find work in almost any industry. Businesses everywhere need good IT Systems managers who can oversee the resources and information systems for the entire company.

Still looking for a good choice for your bachelor’s degree. Some schools also offer a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management that will prepare you to work with systems that collect and manage data, and analyze business systems. At the next level, the Associate of Information Technology degree with a focus in Management Technology concentrates on the use of electronic devices and software to store, convert, protect, process and transmit business data.

Technology managers earn salaries that make the rigorous education well worth while. As of 2007, some technology managers were reported to have made as much as $135,000 per year in salary. Growth in this field is very promising with large salaries the norm.

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