Technology Management: the Key to Successful 21st Century Business

Whether a business is the local Mom & Pop restaurant, a health care facility, a franchise in a discount chain, a manufacturer, or an educational institution, it will have one thing in common with every other successful business; that is, the owners will be making effective use of today’s technology. In 21st century terms, technology may begin with computers, but the term is far more comprehensive than just running an average desktop. Technology means using modern methods to track and monitor business accounts, managing payroll, supplies and materials, maintaining an internet presence, using automation for repetitive tasks that do not require a human hand or eye, controlling security and much, much more. Our world has gotten so complex that just maintaining the technology that keeps all aspect of a business running smoothly is a full time job; that’s where you come in with your new degree in technology management. read more »

Schools offering a degree in TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT

The technology manager in a typical business is responsible for making decisions about the company’s use of technology; the decision must be based on data that analyzes the company’s budget, the employees and customers, and the ways in which the technology itself will improve or create profit. Thus, employers prefer technology managers who not only have a strong background in various aspects of technology but who also have an understanding of modern business practices.

If you are trying to get into a technology management field with a bachelor degree but no experience, you might apply for a position as a help desk associate, or database analyst,  programmer, or a web site developer. That is, you may be able to find a position that utilizes your skills in one aspect of the company’s technology while acquiring more experience and education that will ultimately provide you with opportunities for advancement.

If you do have experience in either technology management or business administration, you might be able to land a career as a chief technology officer, a director of management information systems, or possibly a project manager. Some employers prefer advanced degrees, but, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is expected to increase by 16% through 2016, and technology managers in general are hard to find. It’s more likely that your pay will be below overage for the field if you have less experience. However, in May of 2007, data reports indicated that the lowest 25% of technology managers earned about $80,000 per year while the top 25% of computer and information systems managers earned over $130,000 per year.

If you like the combination of business and technology, the salary is just one of the attractive features of this career field. You can also earn your degree completely online and while continuing your current job. Use our friendly system to obtain additional information in the field.

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