Online Information Technology: Find the Best Masters/ Doctoral Degrees for IT Careers

Use our handy contact form to begin your affordable online IT computer training. “IT” refers to information technology. It covers a broad range of computer and internet skills, impacting literally every 21st century business imaginable from hospitals and health care facilities to road building. Additionally, the world of computer technology changes so quickly that by the time a freshman in college graduates, much of what he has learned will already be outdated, thus creating a need for continuous education and updating of information.

Because of the rapid changes in technology, those who have bachelor degrees sometimes pursue, not just additional courses, but advanced degrees. The best masters degrees for IT careers will allow you to specialize in a particular area such as corporate networking, internet technology, web design, data management or dozens of other possibilities. If you already have a job or know exactly which type of industry you want for your career, you can research that industry and come up with a more precisely defined IT focus appropriate to the needs of your company. read more »

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Online IT Doctoral Degrees are also available. Requirements usually include having a position in the field, the prior completion of a master’s degree, along with a well defined specialty that you want to develop further. Usually, those with doctoral degrees are either in upper level management or are found working as professors and researchers in universities.  Computer scientists are also expected to have doctorates.

Regardless of your specific interest, an IT degree will include courses in computer science, computer programming, database management, operating systems, security, networking and web designs. You can obtain a job with just an associate’s degree, then take advantage of education benefits offered by an employer to acquire additional education. Those with at least a four year degree will have more job security and a better chance for promotions than those with just an associate degree.

Perhaps you already have a career in another field, but must rely on other people in your industry to solve IT related problems. You might consider simply completing an IT certificate program to give yourself at least basic skills in trouble shooting, problem solving, technology updating, and management of IT issues at your business. Even if you end up calling the IT technician, problems will seem to be more easily solved or avoided if you understand the information the technician gives you. Nearly everyone in today’s business world can use some basic IT courses and skills. Numerous universities offer IT certificates designed for people who just need some up-to-date knowledge of computer and internet operations.

Due to the extreme variety of options, it is almost impossible to provide a salary quote for an IT professional. Geographic factors, the type of business, and the experience of the individual all contribute to the salary. However, just to choose one example, an IT consultant with 1 to 4 years of experience will make from $40,000 to $60,000. The same individual with 20 or more years of experience can easily make six figures. IT people in corporations, large hospital complexes or government jobs will make more than those in small industries or in public school systems.

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