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Security in the 21st century has taken on a variety of new meanings and new complexities. While security officers were once expected to keep watch over a place of business or industry, patrolling grounds at night, watching visitors and personnel during the day, today’s security professional has the added challenge of being able to detect inappropriate activity performed by persons or organizations who are at a remote locations.

Cybercrime, cyber snooping, the inappropriate exchange of information, compromising of business procedures, and even simply the misuse of a system according to rules set in place by the employer are all things that an information systems security officer might need to be alert for. Individuals, competitors and even major internet corporations quickly come under scrutiny if a concerned party discovers that unauthorized information was collected. Major lawsuits and criminal allegations become news headlines if a business thinks that someone either accidentally or deliberately collected unauthorized information. read more »

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Watching for the collecting or distribution of information without authorization is only part of the security systems professional’s responsibility. Another concern which has been a problem since the birth of the computer age is the act of sabotaging a business’s system with viruses and Trojan horse programs designed to crash a system as well as travel to other systems, causing them to malfunction or crash as well. The cyber security officer needs to be able to recognize the signs of a problem before it causes irreparable damage and either repair the problem or contact the person who can.

A certified information systems security professional can earn a six figure salary, especially if he or she works for a government agency or large industry. Furthermore, the job outlook is good; demands for professionals in this area are expected to grow over the next decade as the demands on a global economy involve ever increasing needs for tight security. If you think this is the job for you, check out one of our sponsored universities to obtain an idea of the course work that would be required.

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