Computer Information Systems Degree

A Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree is a relatively new umbrella term which many universities use to classify their degrees in Technology Systems, Technology Systems Security, Technology Systems Management, and Information Technology. Some universities use the term Information Technology Systems interchangeably or instead of Computer Information Systems. Regardless of the exact application of the term, if you enroll in an Information Technology Program, you will be learning computer programming, database development, systems security, project planning and more.

Some schools also include game design, web design and computer animation as part of the Information Technology program. Thus, if you want a career in some aspect of Computer Information Systems, you simply need to request information from one of our schools and see what types of programs they include. read more »

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Some of the programs you can expect to find are Java Programming, Software Engineering, Technology Management, Call Center Technology, Data Base Technology, and Security Systems Management, just to suggest a few. You can choose a broad education that would allow you to apply your skills to any industry from retail to law or education, or you can specialize in technology applicable to the gaming industry, to digital photography applications, to web development or more. The choices are unlimited and all equally in demand.

Computer Information  or Information Technology Systems degrees typically involve a lot of time in a computer lab which is often the costliest portion of the tuition expense. When you take advantage of online study, you will be required to purchase the programs that allow you to complete your studies, but your own computer will be your computer lab, saving valuable time and expense. Additionally, if you need more time for a complex topic, you can take it without having to worry about vacating the lab for the individual needing the next time slot. Yet, the colleges make sure you have a professor or mentor so you can get real human help any time you need it. Furthermore, most keep one or more technical help personnel on call around the clock. Thus if you are studying in the middle of the night and something goes wrong with a program or you are unable to access a library file, you can get help immediately.

Many colleges offer degrees at multiple levels from Associate’s Degree to Master’s Degrees. Some universities also offer doctoral degrees. Salaries vary widely depending on the actual degree and on the experience, but the average median salary for an IT specialist is around $92,000.

The jobs outlook for Computer Information Systems degrees is positive. Since nearly all businesses, health organizations, educational facilities, human services departments and law organizations use Information Technology Systems, it is virtually impossible to glut the field. Furthermore, the technology itself is continuously changing and improving, forcing industry to upgrade in order to keep a competitive edge. The talented graduate who continues to improve his skills will have no difficulty finding and keeping a job.

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