Computer Networking: Keep your degree up to date

Order a computer software program by mail today, and by the time it arrives in your mailbox, there will be a better one on the market. Well, maybe technology doesn't change quite that fast, but keeping abreast of the changes in computer networking operations is a challenge for any computer network professional.

That’s why the opportunity to earn, advance, or upgrade your networking degree through online study is so vital to today’s computer networking careers. You simply can’t afford to take time off to study, or by the time you get back to the job, someone else who already has the education and has the means to keep it current will have replaced you.

Many online schools that offer “Computer Networking,” also offer “Computer Science,” “Information Systems Management,” “IT Networks Administration” and a host of other computer related programs. Since virtually every business, government, education, health services, and non-profit organization in the world relies on information obtained through the internet and conducts much of its internal affairs through computer systems, you can be sure that any computer related career you choose will involve some area of network operations or management. read more »

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If you don't already have a degree, it would probably be in your best interests to obtain one as employers place a high value on education. It shows that you are committed to your career and are more likely to stay with it than someone who simply learned on the job or picked up some skills after high school. If you do already have a degree—in any field—you will enhance your promotional opportunities and be perceived as an employee of greater value if you take advantage of one or more certificate programs. The certificate programs do not require the core classes of a degree program, focusing instead on the specific courses that will update or increase the knowledge you already have. Additionally, many employers will help pay for education that will enable you to perform operations that they might otherwise have to fulfill with contract help.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, network systems and data communications professions are currently the fastest growing occupation and will remain so at least through 2016. Thus, your career isn't going to go away, but it very well could outgrow you unless you stay on top of changes and developments. The top quality, accredited programs showcased on our system are prepared to offer you either a degree or a certificate that help you maintain a peak of efficiency within your company.

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