Explore the Available Online Degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Nearly everyone who has a job these days, from your cash register clerk to your government legislators rely on computers, but very few people really know how to do anything beyond USING the equipment provided for them. When that equipmentwhether it be the computer itself or the software programfails, the user wants helpimmediately, something which doesn't always happen. Hence, the use of the name "helpless desk" for many business IT departments.

If you have a bachelor's degree in computer science, one that you have held for five years or more, you are already aware of the fact that online computer science majors today would hardly resemble the ones you earned. It is probably time for you to investigate the best schools and colleges offering online degrees and prepare to boost your salary by bringing your knowledge up to date with a current master's degree in computer science or a degree as a computer engineer. You could revitalize the "help desk" for your company or even start your own consulting business where you go from one company to another, helping to solve their computer problems, install and set up equipment and design software to fit their needs. read more »

Since the computer will be the primary tool in your career, it makes sense that many fine universities are able to offer the MS in computer science completely online. Furthermore, if you already have one of the numerous jobs available to computer experts, you may also find that your current employer is willing to help fund the cost of your advanced degree.

Of course, if you are just starting your college education and want to earn your computer related degree as quickly and as inexpensively as possible, you will want to check out online programs for a bachelor's degree. 

A degree in computer programming has always involved a study of programming languages and algorithms, in the workings of hardware and software, and in the applications of computers to various industries.  Today however, just the languages themselves have evolved into numerous forms, all used for different purposes. A particular type of code would be used for data base and spread sheet building another is used for computer aided design programsgrown far beyond the old CADand still another is specific to the development of internet communication. To make things ever more interesting, it is almost impossible NOT to specialize in some way as every industry from healthcare to manufacturing to social services, and even non-profit organizations use computers to track their business and keep their various tasks and procedures operating smoothly. Each industry will have its own unique software specifically design to meet their needs.

For those who aren't sure exactly what career field they want to tackle, but know that they want to work with computers, a good possibility might be computer security. With every business depending heavily on the proper operation of their computers, protection from hackers, viruses and other kinds of security risks must be an important part of the budget of any major operation.  A person who learns problem solving and understands the common elements from one software package to anotherand is able to spot weaknesseswould be attractive as an employee to many different companies.  

Salaries for people with computer science degrees depend on location and education in addition to the business itself. Some of the highest paid jobs are to be found at banks, civilian jobs with the military, and computer management positions at major industries or Wall Street firms. However, in recent years, with the decline of American manufacturing jobs, competition in the computer industry has become fierce. The jobs are there, but if you work in a small school district or a local computer repair store, you can expect your initial salary to be barely $30,000 a year, especially if you only have a bachelor degree. For salaries of $50,000 and up, you may as well set your sites on the masters degree from the start. Also, be prepared to really "know your stuff." Take advantage of intern opportunities, volunteer your help with local organizations such as churches and charity groups, and stay on top of the new developments. Because of the rapid changes in computer technology, some colleges offer free refresher courses to alumni. A college that does would be worth considering even if the cost was a little more initially.

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