Project Management Online Certificate/ Degree Courses

Certified or degreed project managers can expect to earn salaries as high as six figures. If you are an engineer, the person in charge of an IT department or simply a low level manager, you will improve your promotional opportunities and your salary by acquiring either a degree or a certificate as a project manager.

The work place of the mid 1900s with a crew of individual employees reporting to a foreman who reported to a supervisor and on up the line is nearly an environment of the past. Major businesses world wide work with teams of employees who are directed by a project manager. The project manager directs the project according to a predetermined timeline. He or she designs the project, develops and submits a budget, contacts vendors, and tracks the scope and progress of the entire project making sure that all the parts come together at the appropriate time. While it almost sounds like being a glorified paper-pusher, becoming a certified project manager requires leadership training far beyond simply being able to assign a task to someone under your management. Good project managers are highly sought-after because the team structure saves money by optimizing personnel, standardizing processes, and streamlining tasks. read more »

Schools offering an online degree in Project Management

Project management training is also specialized to various businesses and industries with over 2000 different courses available, most of which can be found online. You will learn what real project management is all about in today’s industries and will be able to define problems, determine a strategy for finding a solution, and develop a work breakdown to implement the solutions. You will be able to compute an effective schedule, track project activities, and close out the project with a comprehensive report to company supervision.

In addition to managing teams of employees, project managers are expected to know the laws regulating the particular industry along with the day-to-day operations necessary to keep the project on track.

You can earn your degree or certification in project management completely online, working your study time around your work schedule. In fact, you will be able to utilize your skills as quickly as you acquire them on your current job. Once you have completed your studies, you will soon find yourself in a position to demand higher pay. If positions are limited at your current workplace, you will discover that major companies seek qualified project managers and are willing to pay top dollar to get them.

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