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Just a decade or two ago, the girl at the front desk (and it was nearly always a female) outside the office of the business manager was called a “secretary.” She could qualify for the job by knowing how to type, take dictation, keep an orderly desk, open mail, properly file business documents, and answer the phone in a pleasant voice that seemed inviting while promising nothing. If she was physically attractive, that didn't hurt anything either.

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Today, the individuals manning the desks that form a bulwark between the public and the managers have succeeded in having their multiple responsibilities recognized; the new title is “business office administrative assistant,” or sometimes “office administrator.” These individuals manage the incoming and outgoing mail, run errands to the bank, post office, office store, or other places, help manage the boss’s schedule, answer phones, and complete numerous additional office tasks. It is possible to get a position as an executive assistant or administrative assistant with only an associate degree. However, if you want to work for a major industry, in a college or public school office, in an attorney’s office, or in any business of reasonable size, your chances of employment and your salary will both be improved with a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, a college education will prepare you for the challenges of today’s electronic office. In addition to word processing, you will learn office accounting systems, data analysis and administrative skills.

Some of the courses you can expect to take will be in administrative processes, offices finances and management, PC basics, keyboarding, and the internet. While modern offices no longer use shorthand, you may need to learn transcription. Also, given the demographics of much of today’s society, being bilingual will certainly open doors for you.

The average salary for an office administrator is about $35,000 although you can earn more if you are able to get a position as an executive assistant. You nearly always need experience and good recommendations to obtain one of these positions.

Online study is a popular way to obtain certification or a degree as an administrative assistant. You can study from the convenience of home and without giving up your current job. Classes are generally small, and you will have instructors who are ready to answer questions and help you obtain your degree. Instructors and students could be from anywhere in the world, giving you an opportunity to learn about businesses in other locations and about the important role the office administrators play.

The schools in our program are all accredited institutions, meaning you may be able to obtain financial aid to fund your education. Also, if you are currently working, don’t overlook the possibility that your employer may be willing to help pay for your education.

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