Nonprofit Management Degrees

Management of non-profit organizations takes as much business savvy as running a corporation or private company. Agencies that operate for the benefit of the public often manage large amounts of capital in the form of donations or grants. Such funds must be carefully managed to prevent waste, fraud, and even accidental misuse, or the agency’s non-profit status can be endangered.

n addition to managing the finances of a non-profit organization, leadership is needed in order to ensure the effective use of personnel and the accomplishment of the goals of the organization. In the areas of administration, finance, and entrepreneurship, the operation of a non-profit entity is, in fact, little different from operating any other kind of business. However, the non-profit organization has some important differences as well. read more »

Schools offering an online degree in Nonprofit Management

While a business or corporation depends on making a profit to stay in business, and is constantly alert for more effective advertising, for new ways of securing business or making a profit, the nonprofit industry is prevented by its very definition from making a profit. Yet it must secure enough funds to pay the people who work for it and to accomplish the public service goals and projects that are a part of its mission. They must attract high quality professionals and volunteers without the promise of big salaries and must continually keep the good will of the people in order to keep the money flowing. Proof that goals have been achieved must be documented in order to continue to receive government and private grants.

Online nonprofit management degrees will provide you with the skill for public administration of a nonprofit organization. Business majors who work in the nonprofit sector will find themselves in a career that is rewarding, challenging, and constantly changing along with the needs of the people who are served.

You can acquire education at almost any level in nonprofit organizational management. When you research the institutions in our list, you will find everything from certificates to masters’ degrees. In fact, nonprofit organization work is one area where you can volunteer initially, learn the inner workings of your preferred organization and simultaneously be earning a degree that will eventually allow you to step into a leadership role. If you have shown commitment and efficiency, you have a connection that may give you a lead in being considered for the position you want.

Salaries for those in nonprofit organizations vary by the size of the organization and the degree of experience and prior success that you can bring to the position. You will most likely not receive large bonuses or six figure incomes. An organization with a budget of 250,000 will usually pay the top administrators an average of $40,000 a year. Those with budgets of several million may pay as much as $90,000. In spite of the relatively low pay, the job opportunities are competitive and are expected to increase as the government cuts back on the size and quantity of government directed social programs.

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