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Marketing is much more than creating an attractive window display or deciding what items will go on sale. A person with a degree in business marketing will know what strategies attract the most customers, what makes a person buy one product instead of another—even when the better product is actually cheaper. The career marketer will understand the psychology of buying, the concepts of wants versus needs, and will know how to create the illusion of need for almost any product a company wants to sell.

Furthermore, marketing courses will help teach you the company side of buying and selling. What product does the company really want to move, what price do they need to make a profit, and what can be done to create the impression of an irresistible bargain.

Whether a company is providing a tangible product or is offering some sort of service, they want effective strategies for convincing the customer to buy at the highest possible price and for maintaining an edge over the competition. In fact, marketing itself is such an important business concept that some schools offer an MBA with a concentration in marketing.  
Since careers in marketing are so varied, you may want to narrow down your specific focus when searching for the perfect online school. Think about your desired career in light of the following categories. read more »

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Marketing Careers / Working with the Consumer: Some marketing careers keep you in contact with the consumer or general public. Some of the following might not have occurred to you, but they are in the field of marketing nonetheless.

Marketing / Company Perspectives

Marketing / Developing and Presenting the tools

These are just a few of the hundreds—perhaps thousands—of possibilities for which a degree in marketing would prepare you. If you know the type of business you want to be in—say industry rather than retail, for example—you will be able to narrow down your school choices even more effectively. In fact, you may even be able to speak with a headhunting or PR rep in the field and find out more about the precise skills you would need to have.

Regardless of your preferences, marketing positions are so plentiful that you will have no problem locating a school that will help you custom design the degree that is exactly right. Of course, marketing—like the internet—is a field that constantly grows and changes, so you want to look for a school that will allow you to take continuing education courses in the future in order to keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

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