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In these economically challenging times, one of the careers that is increasingly in demand is a career in finance. You might think that means a career as an accountant, corporate finance administrator, bookkeeper, tax professional, or perhaps even an auditor. However careers in finance are nearly as varied as the people who seek them.

Private individuals, small businesses, major corporations, non-profit groups, and government organizations all need financial professionals to help them make sound business decisions. While some careers may be obvious, others are less common, but just as needed. Keep some of the following possibilities in mind as you explore the many fine institutions that offer degrees in various aspects of finance.

Estate planning: A certificate or degree that is every bit as much in demand as the MBA is the CFP, or Certified Financial Planner. A CFP helps individuals, often people who are thinking about retirement, plan their senior portfolios, write wills, and plan estates in such a way as to maximize retirement funds.
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MBA in Entrepreneurship: Perhaps you like numbers but have always wanted to have your own business. A degree in entrepreneurship will show you how to compete in a global market, how to market and manage a privately owned business, and how to maximize your business costs to earn the maximum on your investments.

Insurance: About 2 million people nationwide work in insurance; however, fewer people are entering the field even though the need for insurance is increasing. Consumers invest in a vast array of insurance from physicians malpractice insurance to life, health and property insurance for businesses and individuals. Many insurance companies pay their agents strictly on commission which makes it a draw back for many job seekers, but with the right company, a commission based job can mean a higher salary than any hourly pay job.

Payroll & Benefits Administration: As area as important to business as production itself is its payroll and benefits. Employees count on the boss to have the paycheck ready on time, and they trust that the promised benefits—from health insurance to retirement pensions—are functioning or accruing dependably from day to day. If you are attentive to detail and are good at multi-tasking, this might be the career for you.

General Securities / Investment Banking: A career in securities doesn't necessarily mean day after day in the mayhem on Wall Street. Both businesses and private individuals invest money in securities—meaning stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more. Most investors rely on advisors or managers to keep a watchful eye on their funds and to recommend trades when the time is right. If you don’t want to work directly with the investor, you might take a job in the back-office where the actual transactions and recording operations are processed at lightning speed.

Of course, you could simply earn you MBA and use your knowledge of finance to start or operate a business, direct a marketing department or work as the company accountant. The point is, the opportunities are limitless as every business with any hope of surviving needs top-notch financial personnel.

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