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Executive Secretary / Administrative Assistant: Well Paid Office Job

If you enjoy the role and duties of office jobs such as letter writing, filing, sorting mail, managing appointments, greeting visitors, completing orders, and fielding requests, you might consider becoming an executive secretary, sometimes referred to as an "administrative assistant." The latter term is more often used in today’s office place simply because the word "secretary" is sometimes associated with gender. However, regardless of the name, the job is equally challenging and valued, especially in large companies.

The pay received by an administrative assistant is determined by education and by actual responsibility. Those who work in a pool with other assistants may be doing things like managing payroll, filing documents, completing company orders, tracking inventory, preparing accounts payable or receivable, making appointments for management, or assisting employees with administrative details such as completing employment paperwork, etc. read more »

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The highest paid administrative assistants are those who work directly for the leaders of the company such as the CEO or company president. These individuals are selected for a variety of characteristics and skills. They need to be current in modern technology, able to quickly complete tasks such as sending a company document to an entire group of employees, adept with data bases to help the employer track business, and able to multi-task between phone, paperwork, and numerous other tasks the employer may need. Equally important, however, the administrative assistant is often regarded as a gate keeper for the CEO. Numerous people—from employees with "urgent" questions to sales people from the outside—visit the office throughout the course of a day, each fully believing that his or her request should be handled immediately. The administrative assistant is expected to be able to handle these demands courteously but firmly, recognizing those requests that need immediate attention and fielding those that can wait. In this way, the administrative assistant is the guardian of the employer’s time and resources, ensuring that the business will operate as efficiently as possible.

The administrative assistant salary
The pay range for a person with less than one year of experience is from $25,000 to $35,000 per year. Jobs are available with only two years of education or an associate’s degree. Individuals with more experience and more education can make in the mid-40s for a yearly salary, but those who are highly skilled and efficient are likely to be offered a higher job description that may result in in promotions to higher paid positions. Executive assistants—those who are responsible only to the CEO or other high ranking company officials—can receive salaries up to $75,000.

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