A typical business degree with an emphasis on Electronic Commerce will include courses in operating systems, programming, telecommunications, financial analysis, supply chain management, and customer relationship management, just for starters.

eCommerce and eBusiness

Barely a score of years ago, the arrival of affordable computers changed the way nearly every business operates. As computers evolved into faster machines that could almost think for themselves, business owners raced to keep up, hoping to stay at the edge of competition if not ahead of it.

However, we didn't even catch our breath with the arrival of the computer age when the arrival of the world wide web forced businesses around the globe into changes and adaptations that made the introduction of computers seem like a baby step.

The internet continues to evolve, rules and ethics for conducting business change regularly, and the know-how expected of any business owner who would survive the internet age has become mind boggling. While some computer and internet geeks who had nothing better to do with their time have kept up with the constant barrage of information, the average business owner today still has only a rudimentary knowledge of how to keep his business in the public eye via the internet. Instead, they rely on the geeks and other computer / internet devotees who do know how to make it all work. An eCommerce or eBusiness degree—earned entirely online—will make you a priceless asset to any business where the owner really wants to survive and grow.
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Following the dot.com bust of 2000, many colleges quietly dropped their degree in eBusiness or eCommerce. However, some survived, others have returned, and still others simply include eBusiness courses as a part of a Business degree. Furthermore, since business degrees are usually very flexible, you can often design your own program with the emphasis that will best fit the type of activity you hope to engage in upon graduation.

Many businesses expect at least a bachelor’s degree of any business graduate. However, if you are in a hurry, you can usually find an entry level job with an associate degree. With the associate’s degree, you will learn the basics of business management and marketing and will also receive an introduction to computer business applications including trade technology and software operation and management.  In most programs, you will also learn internet marketing strategies as well as principles of internet security. Once you have found a position, you may find that your new employer will help with the cost of completing the bachelor’s degree.

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