Business Management/ Administration Degree Programs

Degrees in business at any level from Associate, to Master, to PhD can be earned via online study. In fact, the first use of the internet for college education was for degrees in various specializations related to business. Of course, in the early days, some of the Online programs were regarded with a certain amount of skepticism by the traditional colleges who saw them as merely competition, and the reputation of being lower quality degrees than one earned by sitting in a classroom may have been deserved by some programs.

Today, however, we are in a completely different educational world. Many of the world’s most prestigious universities have recognized that people need continuing education, especially in a rapidly changing business environment, but simply can’t put their current responsibilities on hold to improve their knowledge and skills. Additionally, business management is so complex—especially for one hoping to compete in a global market—that the degree specialization possibilities are virtually unlimited. In fact, some universities will even work with you to create a degree specialization that addresses particular needs you may have in your own business administration field. read more »

Schools offering Business Administration/Management degrees

The list of Business Degree fields on this page demonstrates the many choices you have for types of degrees. Within each field, you will usually find several fine universities or colleges offering their own variations of the degree. When you visit the university link, you may find as many as 20 different course variations addressing the myriad possible specialty fields for that discipline.

Many students seeking online education are looking for advanced degrees simply because they are already in a career field that has advanced beyond the bachelor’s degree that was earned right after graduating from high school. Furthermore, the Boards of Directors of the world’s most profitable businesses aren't looking for managers fresh from college with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in hand. They are looking for experienced administrators—preferably with an MBA or even a doctoral degree—and a track record of successful management. At the same time, they want people who can demonstrate a determination to stay informed and on the cutting edge of the new developments and advances occurring daily in today’s business world.

You can be that person. Use our friendly service to find exactly the type of business management or administrative degree you need.

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