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The most ubiquitous aspect of American life is the advertising of the myriad products and services we use on a daily basis. Nothing is bought or sold without first having been advertised whether it was through a simple sign in a person’s front yard –“Worms for sale”—through word of mouth, or with a high dollar commercial in the middle of a football game. In fact, some things that were at one time off limits to advertising—such as prescription drugs—are now marketed in commercials and magazines in an attempt to get you to ask your doctor for the newest chemical concoction.  If this fascinating career if of interest to you, start here to being your advertising / marketing distance learning degree.

Advertising degrees are sometimes referred to as marketing degrees. Marketing itself is a complex science involving thousands of hours of research into conditions that cause people to buy. Anything you can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste is evaluated for a reaction. For example, it is well documented that the colors yellow and red capture a person’s attention more quickly than any other color. Thus, you will scarcely find an advertisement, sign, brochure, or package design that doesn't make use of yellow or red in some way. Researchers also study the language a commercial or advertisement will use; they are looking for trigger words that bring a positive and immediate response to a “call for action.” read more »

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Often an object that seems to have nothing to do with the item actually being sold is used as a part of an advertisement. For example, you may recall the polar bear in the Coca Cola ad. Although in reality, there is nothing cuddly or particularly friendly about a polar bear, the image of the roly-poly bear enjoying a sparkling cold refreshing drink become one of the most successful advertisements the Coca Cola company ever used.

So many different careers in advertising can be developed that it is inaccurate to identify just one aspect. Do you have the ability to think out of the box? Do you like to draw, take pictures or simply collect and analyzed data using today’s sophisticated computer programs? Advertising may be the perfect career for you. Furthermore, while you once had to spend hours sitting in an art studio or lab in order to complete drawing or photography assignments, you can now do nearly all of your work on a computer. Animation programs, layered designs, tricks with photography are all available to anyone who has and will learn how to use a computer. And if you are really good, you may be able to find work with only an associate degree.

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