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If you would like a career where you can sit at home, work your own hours, and yet be in demand at a salary you once could only dream about, there is an online education program in web design with your name on the diploma.

It is a rare 21st century individual who picks up a book or other printed matter as a first source for information. Even those who prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store often check out the store’s internet site first for sales and product information.

Company officials do not have time to create their web pages themselves, let alone update them with seasonal information. They rely on designers to create lively, eye catching pages that load quickly, provide pertinent information, and are user friendly. claims to list more than 1000 job openings per day and the need is likely to keep growing. Whether you want a position with a particular company or simply want to freelance, as long as your skills are up to date, and you can compete at a competitive age, you can be reasonably sure that someone will have a need for your abilities.
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The need for web designers is so widespread that you may be able to begin using your skills before you have even completed a bachelor’s degree. Thus many design schools offer an online certificate program through which you will learn the basics of web design, animation, and graphics appropriate for internet application. You will also be able to explore the many career possibilities to see how government and non-profit organizations as well as businesses establish and use an internet presence.

Median salaries for web designers range from $44,000 to $55,000 depending on the geographic area and level of skill. By geography, of course, we are referring to the location of the employer rather than your location since you can create web sites and pages from anywhere in the world. Oddly enough, according to one survey, men seem to get paid more although women were often able to pick up the skills and complete the course work more quickly. Regardless of gender, however, some designers enjoy salaries as high as $82,000 a year.

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