Multimedia Design/ Animation

Multimedia and computer animation are used in a variety of industries, including television, the world wide web, in education, advertising, health care settings, and a whole lot more. Multimedia specialists plan, analyze, design and create visual media, including motivational presentations, marketing material, films, animation, and more with the aid of computer design packages such as DreamWeaver, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, Photoshop, etc. Such professionals create messages that are seen in print and electronic formats by using a variety of methods and they are able to incorporate the work of other specialists, including artists, writers, video producers, and sound engineers into a final product.

Overall, multimedia and animation specialists utilize digital audio and visual media to bring words, graphics, video, sound, photos, and animation together in one format. Some of these professionals are highly specialized and work in the animation and gaming industry or specialize in informational and instructional media and work on the development of educational projects. Individuals seeking to work in multimedia/animation must possess Audio Design, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Writing, Interactive Media and Interface Design, Web Page Design and Editing, Database Design, and Instructional Design knowledge. read more ยป

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There are a number of entry-level career opportunities for multimedia design and animation specialists. Some specialists work for businesses, agencies, and the government as web designers where their principal responsibility is the design, development, and maintenance of online services. Some of the other career opportunities available in this field are storyboard artists, broadcast graphic artists, forensic artists, background painters, and video-production artists. In addition, television stations, internet service providers, and other media outlets employ those who possess multimedia design skills. Many multimedia specialists work as a member of a design team in both small and large production houses, while some professionals are self-employed and work on a contract basis.

Because technology continues to advance and we all enjoy animation in an array of forms, the job outlook for those holding degrees in this field is strong. Fortunately, many accredited colleges and universities are offering programs online for those who are interested in such an exciting career. Most online programs include courses in graphic design, programming concepts, programming software, illustration, visual communication, technology, animation, web languages, and advertising. Start your education today!

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