Digital Design

Do you have a love for art, but have difficulty visualizing yourself as a “starving artist” painting away in his attic garret?  Thanks to the explosion of visual communication—via everything from print newsletters to web pages and internet store fronts, you can live your dream and eat well at the same time.

You can earn a degree, certificate or diploma in digital design via online study. In fact, you may prefer to approach your dream career from a broader perspective and earn the degree in Visual Communications with a focus or specialization in Digital Design. In addition to gaining a broad understanding of effective visual communication—which could include magazine layout, basic photography and film techniques, signage, and a host of other visual elements, you would learn to apply these skills specifically to computer related communication. Your digital design courses will tell you about lettering and typography including fonts and colors that will generate the best response from the customer on the other side of the computer screen. You will learn how digital layout differs from print layout and will learn to use a variety of sophisticated software design tools. The following list is just a few of the many possibilities for employment or freelancing and a Digital Design professional. read more »

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Game Design & Animation

If you are artistic but also love computer games, this might be your ideal field. You have to learn about color, animation and cinematography and be able to put it all together to create scenes that will keep the most talented gamester involved in the game.


Advertising has always been big business. In fact, businesses that don’t have an advertising budget don’t stay in business very long. However, the old bill boards and newspaper ads just don’t cut it anymore. Businesses want cutting edge digital advertising that will make their products attract more buyers than the competition.


From rolling the credits to putting the actual scenes of a film together, film development today uses as many digital “photography” tricks as a it does real life “extras.”  If you are creative and can truly think “out of the box,” there is no limit to what you can do.

Machine Design

Machine design is actually an engineering degree, but in today’s industrial world, engineers no longer sit over a drafting board. Instead, they draw and render complex 3-D models using complex software such as Solid Works, Inventor, ProE, Autocad, and others.  If you have an interest in digital design, but not necessarily in engineering itself, you might consider mastering these software packages so you can teach people in industry how to use them.

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