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Every modern business wants the most dynamic and effective presentation that can be achieved. Computer animation, how to incorporate it into a web design and when to use it, are the things you can learn right from the comfort of your own padded computer chair behind your home computer.

We often think of “animation” as cartoons, and indeed, computer programs including games, advertising, and other applications use active cartoon figures, but animation on computers is much more than a cartoon.

If a web design uses a scrolling marquis, moving graphics, or even interactive forms that respond according to what the user types into provided boxes, it is taking advantage of the myriad features and programming techniques that are part of computer animation.  In fact computer animation itself has become such a complex topic area that some schools identify it under  Art /Design/ Multimedia as an area of specialization all to itself. Other related topics that you may also study include digital design, game and graphic design, visual communications and web design. read more »

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Some headhunters recommend that you think more in terms of “computer aided design” rather than limiting yourself to computer animation. That ‘s because computer animation as a major is rather new, and the concept seems to be misleading. In fact, numerous schools use the terms “computer animation” and “ computer graphics” interchangeably. While people often think of computer graphics as something they would see in a movie like Jurassic Park or some other scifi flick, the film industry itself is only a small part of computer graphics. Computer graphics are also used in video games, virtual reality programs, theme parks, medical research, automotive design, interactive design, and design of computer products.

Industry likewise makes use of computer graphics with the new interactive 3D engineering programs. No longer does an engineer spend hours over a draft board with rulers, slide-rules and other tools. Instead, he uses programs like Inventor, or Solid Works, programs which allow him to create a three dimensional image of a new machinecomplete with people drawn to scale. Thus the engineer is able to see if his design will work as well as he thinks it will; that is, will the production worker be able to reach all parts of the machine safely without stretching or reaching across a dangerous cutter.

Another important use of computer graphics is in the medical field. New equipment can be tested via computer simulation, and computers in conjunction with different types of imaging machines are used to locate problems inside human bodies with accuracy far exceeding the most educated diagnosis based on symptoms alone.

Computer graphics are used in civil projects; a new dam, bridge or highway interchange can be examined via animated scenarios to determine weak or problem areas. Also, our weather reporting services use computer graphics/ animation while watching every natural event such as earth quakes and hurricanes. By programming “what-if” scenarios, they can determine which areas are the most likely to be hit and can recommend evacuation procedures in time to save millions of lives.

Salaries in computer animation vary widely depending on the industry, the jobs market and on your experience. In general, however, people with three years or less in experience make an average of $44,000 a year. This jumps to over $75,000 for those with six years or more.

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