Interested in Becoming a Social Worker? Earn an Online Human Services Degree for a Career in Social Work

Social workers are an important part of any community. They help people solve personal and family problems, locate foster homes for children, assist with adoptions, help families cope with serious illnesses, and provide counseling and education for the community and the schools. About 40% of social workers work for the state or local government while others work for schools or health service agencies. Due to the wide variety of types of support needed, many social workers specialize.

You can earn an online bachelors degree in social work, or if you already have your degree and want an opportunity for leadership, you might consider pursuing the masters degree. Using our easy to use search tools, you can locate the school of your choice, enroll, apply for financial aid, and be ready to start your classes in just a matter of days. read more »

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Whenever the economy is in decline or the general population suffers in morale due to national or international events, the need for social workers skyrockets. For example, suicides increase during recessions, families suffer emotional trauma when military family members both leave and return from overseas action, and whole communities need both physical and emotional support in the face of national disasters. All of these things have happened or are happening in America at the present time. People with a talent for helping others get through a difficult time are in high demand at such times. The pay is moderate and is dependent on education and experience as well as geographic location. Those who work in hospitals and schools generally receive higher salaries than those working in a DHS (Department of Human Services) office. However, the rewards are incomparable.

A bachelor’s degree in Social work is a four year program. Upon completion, you will be qualified to work as a case consultant, child life specialist, a child protective services worker, a court appointed advocate, a gerontology social worker, a criminal justice social worker, and more.  The master’s degree is another two year program which can take up to four years to complete if you need to go part time. Additionally, you can plan on completing several hundred hours of supervised field work. If you are fluent in a second language which also will increase your employment possibilities once you have graduated. Clinical, policy and administration work often requires an advanced degree. If you have the master’s degree or MSW, you will also be qualified to join the Academy of Certified Social Workers, a credential that an increasing number of employers find valuable.

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