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Utica College: Online Programs for Today's Student

Utica College Online is a division of Utica College located in the historic city of Utica, NY. The college has long been known for its highly accredited nursing program and its association with St. Luke’s Hospital near by where most nursing students complete their clinicals. Now however, you can attend Utica College via the Online program and earn your RN to BSN degree, one of the current most coveted nursing degrees.

Online degree program categories at Utica College include:

Other popular Online programs at Utica College Online include the Cyber Security Training program, the Forensic Accounting degree and the well-known MBA.

Students at Utica College Online can count on the same small classes and personal contact enjoyed by campus students. The college makes a determined effort to accommodate both working students and returning adult students who have found it necessary to pursue additional education either because of loss of their current jobs or because of a need to keep up with advances in their fields. read more »

Utica College was originally only an undergraduate institution. However, in the late 90s, they added numerous graduate programs, and within the last 10 years they have made several of these programs available through online study.  The college has about 3000 students involved in some stage of either graduate or undergraduate study.

Social Sciences / Criminal Justice
Online students have a unique opportunity to take Utica College’s accredited degree programs in Economic Crime and Cyber Security. These programs are not offered on campus. Some other Criminal Justice programs include the MBA in Fraud Management, the MS in Economic Crime Management, and the Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation which helps prepare a student for a career in Forensic Accounting. These programs are instructed by select faculty members who have industry experience in economic crime investigation.

Science and Technology
The Science and Technology department offers an online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity—Information Assurance. This program will prepare you to anticipate and prevent threats to corporate and government computer systems. Utica College is unique in that it is one of the few institutions offering this degree online and at the undergraduate level.


Health and Medicine / Nursing
Numerous student advisor and department chair persons of nursing schools have said that if a nurse really wants the ultimate in promotion and salary opportunities, the RN is no longer sufficient. Utica College has maintained a highly respected RN program for many years, but now allows you to work completely online for a RN to BSN degree.  You can also earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.


Business and MBA
The Utica College Online MBA qualifies you to earn the CPA designation upon completion of a national exam. The program takes 30 credit hours to complete.


Financing at Utica College
Utica College has advisors standing by to help you apply for the typical TAP and PELL grants. Since it is a private college, it is also associated with numerous foundations through which qualified students may be able to obtain scholarships and fellowships.

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