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If you have been asking yourself, "Where can I study for an Online degree in the UK," you will hardly make a better selection than University of Liverpool.

University of Liverpool Online

The University of Liverpool is located in the UK and was founded in 1881; however, all courses are offered completely online, so you can "study abroad" at one of the best UK distance learning universities without getting a passport and traveling to England.

University of Liverpool has Online degrees available in the following areas.

Liverpool University has a long history of emphasizing the study of the sciences and medicine.  Sir James Chadwick, one of the university’s research pioneers, received a Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of the neutron while other  professors such as Allan Downie and Robert Minnitt have developed treatments for malaria and are working on a treatment for pancreatitis.

The University of Liverpool in England has over 230 first degree courses. However, the online programs are limited to masters degrees or higher. Thus you will need to enroll with a bachelor degree or UK equivalent already in hand. With that requirement fulfilled, you can get a degree from Liverpool University Online from anywhere in the world. read more »

Management / MBA
The Management / MBA is not your usual Masters of Business Administration. It is a Master of Science in Operations and Supply Chain. The program is designed to help you understand the complexities of multinational supply chains and business operations. The virtual classroom allows you to interact with peers from around the world and with business counterparts from international businesses.


Information Technology Masters
The Information Technology programs include Master of Science degrees in Computer Security, Internet Systems, Information Systems, Information Technology and Software Engineering.  In each program you receive education on the latest thinking and developments from around the world.


Public Health Masters
University of Liverpool Online now has five Master of Public Health degrees. You can earn the foundational degree or can choose to specialize in Epidemiology, International Public Health, Management of Health Care systems, or Clinical Research Administration.


You will be earning an International Business Law degree, abbreviated as LLM.  The three different law degrees each provide you with a foundation in international business and corporate law. You will enjoy the exchange of global legal and industry perspectives that are hard to match in a traditional classroom.


The Psychology degree is an MSc, or Master of Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation.  The degree at University of Liverpool Online is one of the first graduate programs in forensic psychology to be offered online at an international level.


MBA Specializations
The MBA Specializations include the MBA degree with emphasis in studies like Emerging Markets, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting, International Business, Leadership, and Marketing.


Doctor of Business Administration
Referred to as the DBA, this program emphasizes work-place based research. It is equivalent to a PhD, but is specifically applicable to the business world rather than the academic arena.


Although the University of Liverpool is a large institution, the classes are kept small with a maximum of only 20 students per class. You can control your schedule, personalize your program contact, and interact with both faculty and students. The faculty members are active industry experts. You will also have round the clock technical support and easy to use software.

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