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Norwich University: Earn your graduate degree Online

Located in Northfield, Vermont, Norwich University now offers students the opportunity to earn their graduate degrees online. Established in 1819, Norwich University has been providing superlative academic training for those pursuing various career aspirations.

Online Master Degrees Offered:

The online graduate programs consist of thirty-six credits and the course work is broken up into six six-credit seminars lasting around eleven weeks. By dedicating between 12 to 15 hours per week online, students are able within just eighteen (18) months to earn their master's degrees in a variety of subjects. Norwich's online programs are uniquely structured to allow students to experience the best of an online classroom community. Students work in small groups and are able to participate differently from the way in which they can in a traditional classroom setting. Innovative training is provided to each and every student, affording students the opportunity to learn in an efficient and very effective manner. At the end of the eighteen-month-online course work, students spend one or two weeks completing a summertime residency at the beautiful campus of Norwich University. There they will take part in diverse graduate discussions and hear from a variety of speakers before taking part in a graduation ceremony.

Master of Arts in Diplomacy
Norwich University's Master of Arts in Diplomacy program educates students in a broad spectrum of diplomatic skills. Students are engaged with their online instructors and a small group of classmates in constant dynamic discussions. During the six six-credit online seminars, students are trained in the theories behind international law and relations, the world economy and more.

Master of Arts in Military History
Norwich University's Master of Arts in Military History program provides students with a sophisticated understanding of the U.S.'s role in the military and war, as well as the methodology and historiography of warfare in history. Students, along with their instructors and classmates, examine the theoretical concepts of American military history and military thinking and strategies.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The Norwich University MBA is considered unique in that it was developed specifically for working professionals. Building on traditional core values, the program combines contemporary business theory with real-world, workplace applications. The result is that you earn a degree in only 18 months that is immediately applicable to your particular field whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager of a particular business.

Master of Civil Engineering
Specifically designed for working Civil Engineers, Norwich's online Master of Civil Engineering program offers technical and non-technical advanced training in engineering. This MCE program addresses a broad range of topics including how to perform a non-linear dynamic frame analysis and how to handle a variety of administrative issues.

Master of Justice Administration (Criminal Justice)
You can now earn your Master of Justice Administration (MJA) degree in just eighteen short months with Norwich's online program. This MJA program offers innovative education so that you can become an effective manager in a criminal justice occupation. The program is customizable for the law enforcement, military, corrections, and adjudication fields. Students take part in virtual seminars and asynchronous discussion groups.

Master of Public Administration
Specifically designed for current and future public service professionals, Norwich's Master of Public Administration (MPA) online program offers exceptional training in conceptual and theoretical aspects of public administration. The MPA focuses on the development of various techniques that students need in order to effectively create and implement policies, programs and procedures that will help them resolve important societal problems.

Master of Science in Business Continuity
This newly launched program is the first degree of its type to be offered in the United States. Its focus is solely on business continuity; it will provide business professionals with the needed credentials to advance into upper level positions within their organizations. Students learn to analyze and improve the systems of their current employers, giving their employers an immediate return as well as applying the theoretical concepts of business continuity as they are learned. The topics studied include plan development, IT continuity, testing, implementation, regulatory issues, crisis management and communication, and emergency response. The program is divided into three six month semesters, each consisting of two eleven week, six credit seminars. The entire program can be completed in about 18 months.

Master of Science in Information Assurance
Recognized by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security for providing academic excellence in Information Assurance, Norwich University's graduate students are trained in technical computer science competency and/or information assurance systems. Students are educated in threats, prevention, detection, response, and various management aspects of security.

Master of Science in Nursing
The Master of Science in Nursing is a degree that has rapidly gained popularity in the health care field. The program goes beyond nursing and provides you with the skills to develop, implement and manage healthcare at all levels of management. A person with this degree becomes a leader among nurses and is able to make decisions based on appropriate data, health care theory, and modern practice. The result is an effective health care environment that instills confidence in patients and their families as well as in the providers themselves.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
Norwich's Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program is specifically designed for working professionals. The MSOL program utilizes distinctive curriculum that synthesizes theory with practice and information technology with creativity and democracy. During the six six-credit online seminars, students are provided with the training needed to sharpen their leadership skills and overcome the challenges of today's ever-changing workplace environments.

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