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Liberty University Online, for a Christian Education

Liberty University Online is the world's largest online Christian college offering 45 degree programs with nearly 100 specializations. Degrees are offered at the associate, bachelor's, masters, and doctoral levels. The school is very affordable, which might be one reason why it has the highest retention and graduation rates of any online university. It is also very friendly to the military, so even if you are in active duty and get moved frequently, you will be able to continue your education.

Your Christian Distance Learning Degree

Programs at Liberty University are taught from a Christian perspective and are particularly relevant to today's society. In contrast to other schools with liberal or progressive minded professors, you will never need to compromise or keep silent about your faith in order to achieve high grades. You will be free to analyze and explore your own beliefs as you learn how to impact society through a career of your choice.

Popular Programs

Support When You Need It
LU Online has about 50,000 students around the world, but they also have a network of support personnel which includes the professors, academic advisors, a student interface (referred to as the Blackboard), and an online pastor to provide you with Christian counseling and prayer support when you need it. Thus you never feel like you are just a number. Professors provide assignments and grade them weekly and are online daily for answering questions or discussing study topics. Of course, you will also have an extensive online library with books and journals that you can easily download to your computer or kindle.

Paying for Your Degree
Liberty University Online offers some of the lowest tuition rates and an easy payment plan. Since most of the students do receive some sort of financial aid, the university has advisors ready to help you through the online forms so you can apply in a timely fashion and receive whatever aid you may be eligible for. The college itself also offers scholarship and work-study programs.


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