Study Online at Keiser University

If you want the experience of an eCampus, you need look no further than Keiser University. The well developed, student centered programs ensure that you will not only earn the degree you need but will have a quality degree that will help you on your way to becoming a professional in your career field. The school offers numerous associate, bachelor and master’s degree programs along with one doctoral degree program.

Some of the most frequently requested programs at Keiser University Online include:

Unlike some online schools which require all courses to be completed within a certain time frame—even though you are supposed to be able to study according to your own schedule—Keiser University allows you to take one course at a time. Thus it is easier to juggle work, family and study and still complete your objectives. The format also allows the college to continuously revise and update their programs in accordance with the market place.

Business and MBA
You can earn associate, bachelor and master’s degrees in several business fields in accounting and business administration. The Business Administration degrees include specialties in Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Management and Marketing.


No online college would be complete without some degree programs in the technology career fields. At Keiser University you can study Information Technology or Management of Information Systems. Upon graduation you will be able to immediately assume a position in the field or go on for additional study and earn a Master’s degree.


Health Care Fields
Keiser’s health care fields include Health Services Administration, Medical Assisting, Health Science, Health Services Administration, and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN).


Keiser University has an extensive graduate program in education. The programs are Master of Science degrees in College Administration, Leadership, and Teaching and Learning. Additionally, Keiser’s only doctoral degree is the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership.


Keiser University—Friendly to Our Service Men and Women. Keiser University is particularly friendly to people who are part of the military, offering scholarships to all qualified active duty individuals and their dependents. The advisors will also help you find out about VA benefits and will consider your military training for college credit. Given the frequent and often unexpected changes that take place in the lives of military members, Keiser University allows you to leave school and return, and to take one class at a time as your duty roster allows.

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