Indiana State University: Distance Education for Advanced Nursing Students

For nursing students seeking to advance their LPN training to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indiana State University Online Nursing is the only school in the country offering LPN to RN transition programs completely online.  Other schools may offer an online RN to BSN college degree, but most of these do not offer the LPN to RN bridge program. The bridge program allows you to receive full credit for the courses taken as part of the LPN program. Many schools want  you to have an LPN in order to enroll, but will still require you to take the complete RN program, meaning you could be repeating courses you took as part of your LPN. A bridge program recognizes and gives you credit for work you have already done.

The distance education programs offer the same accredited courses and degrees. Many programs can be completed entirely online.

In order to enroll in Indiana State University Online, you must already be certified as an LPN or LVN. With one of these requirements in place, you will never have to step foot in a classroom. You will have no waiting list, and your clinical hours can be completed in your local hospital or clinic.  Your degree will be an NLNAC-accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing. read more »

Indiana State University was founded in 1865 in Terre Haute, Indiana. While it was once a teachers’ college, in the past few decades, it has received nationwide acclaim for its nursing programs. The university is staffed with 508 full time staff and 651 full time support staff. The average class size is about 24 students with a faculty to student ration of 1:17.6.  The student enrollment totals over 10,000 students with 78.3% coming from the state of Indiana.  This includes both campus and online students. For students who prefer to attend the campus, there are over 100 different majors and 12 sports.

ISU is fully up to date in modern technology including social media. The college participates in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even has ISU bloggers. Students also get to interact with instructors in real life research. Many faculty members are employed full-time in their career fields and are actively engaged in real research projects. Students are given opportunity to participate in projects that not only contribute to their degree but also give them real world experience. Such experience is particularly important in today’s working world where nearly every employer gives preference to applicants who have experience.

The Indiana State University Baccalaureate track for Licensed Practical Nurses is the only known internet LPN to BSN bridge program in the country. That means that all applicable degree credits from other universities can be transferred and you can then complete the bachelor’s degree with a combination of programs from ISU and Ivy Tech. When this program is completed, you will be eligible to sit for the RN licensing exam.

If you are already an RN, you can use the RN to BSN program to complete the bachelor’s degree as a step toward a graduate degree in nursing. Nurses with the BSN degree are more preferred by hospitals and major clinics than LPNs or even RNs in today’s healthy care arena.

ISU will assign an advisor to you to help you enroll in a distance learning program. You must decide whether you want to be a degree seeking or non-degree seeking student. Then your advisor will help you with all the necessary online application materials, including applications for financial aid.   Once you are enrolled and have your login, you will be able to review and select courses. You will also begin receiving a newsletter with important university information that will keep you on top of events and deadlines related to your program.

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