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Colorado Technical University (CTU) Online: A Top Online School

Colorado Technical University—known as CTU Online—offers the degree you need with a full range of programs in each of the four most popular online degree areas. They are Business and MBA, Computers and IT, Healthcare Management, and Social Sciences / Criminal Justice.  CTU goes a step beyond other online schools in providing you with interactive classes, an online academic calendar, a “virtual commons” and even an RSS feed for the latest happenings.

The featured program categories at Colorado Technical University Online are:

Colorado "Tech"—an Online University—held its first classes in 1965, long before the internet, but the college has educated over 38,000 students and has been very aggressive in staying on top of the latest educational and technological developments.  The private college is based in Colorado Springs. In 2001, they added the Online division. They are considered a mature university with a full range of associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

The Online division of CTU is quite unique with a virtual classroom that allows you to actually hear and interact with the professor. If you closed your eyes, you might even forget that you were in your own home. The difference between the CTU approach and that of other online programs is that often the online class is a lecture which you must read or which as been recorded, and an exchange of email rather than an actual classroom experience. CTU, with years of successful experience, realizes that there is something to be said for a “class” of peers, and has developed their technology to simulate the live classroom as closely as possible. You will also have access to a large library, a tutoring center and a live advisor.

Business & MBA
Colorado Technical University offers a variety of Associate and Bachelor degree programs in Business and related fields such as Accounting, Project Management and Marketing. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in business, you can advance your education by earning an MBA with a concentration in one of 8 different areas. Along with the MBA, CTU also has a Master of Science in Management (MSM) with a concentration in Business Management or Project Management. A Doctor of Management degree can be earned as well once you reach that point.


Computers and IT
The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programs are available with concentrations in Network Management, Security and Software Systems Engineering. You can also earn a  Master of Science in Online Information Systems Security and Online Information Technology Management or a Doctor of Computer Science and DCS in Enterprise Information Systems.


Healthcare Management
If you have at least an associate degree, you can earn the Healthcare Management Bachelor degree at CTU in 15 months. Otherwise, the program would take about 2 and ½ years. If you simply want some education as quickly as possible, consider the Online Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding.


Social Sciences/Criminal Justice
At CTU you can earn either an associate degree or a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. The Master of Science in Management includes a concentration in Criminal Justice. Plus, you can complete various academic certificates in the process of completing your degree. These certificates enhance your resume and show that your are progressing toward the full degree.


Like most online university programs, CTU programs are eligible for the typical federal and state financial aid programs as well as for private scholarships. You will have access to online advising in locating and applying for financial aid for your program. Also, don’t forget to contact your employer as many employers participate in education reimbursement programs.

"For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed each program, and other important information, please click the link below.

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