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Baker College Online: Commitment to Quality Education

If you want an affordable education with the convenience of online classes, check out Baker College Online. The College claims to offer tuition that is often less than half that of other online Universities, but without compromising the quality education and student/ teacher interaction that you expect of an online program.

Baker College has numerous online degree and certificate programs.
The editor’s choice categories for this month are:

The college itself is actually headquartered in Michigan where it was founded in 1911. It is Michigan’s largest private college, now serving over 40,000 students each year. Over 40 different online degree programs are available, making the college very competitive with some of the largest online universities. You can choose among graduate or undergraduate programs as well as certificates in high employment fields like business, computer technology and health care.

The programs at Baker College allow you to log in any time of the day. The courses generally last six weeks with specific start and end dates. At the beginning of each week the professor will post an introductory lecture explaining what is required for the week along with study questions. You will read and study on your own, but will log in to join peer group forums, to ask questions, and to complete online tests, quizzes, and projects. You will also have access to the complete catalog of resources at the Bakers College library.

Arts and Religion
The online program in this department is the Bachelor of General Studies. This is a good program to take if you aren't quite sure what direction you want to go with your career. As you become more acquainted with different career fields, you will be able to change your major or take a graduate program in a more specific field.


Business and MBA
As you might expect of an online college, the Business Department offers the largest variety of online programs with 22 different majors. You can earn associate degrees, bachelor degrees, MBA degrees and even doctoral degrees at Baker College Online. From Accounting to Business Planning to Marketing, there is very little in the way of a business degree that is not offered.


Computers and IT
A Baker College specialty is the area of computers and information technology. Fourteen programs are offered including a certificate in web development and two masters’ degrees. You can study programming, computer science, computer and internet security or software development, just to name  a few. Your assignments are real world scenarios, not canned text book exercises, so you will be ready to jump right into a career as soon as you complete your program.


Health and Medicine/ Nursing
Baker College offers four programs in the health care field. These are the Bachelor of Health Services Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and the MBA in Health Care Management.


Social Sciences/ Criminal Justice
Using the Adult Learn connection, you can enroll in one of two Baker College Online Social Science/ Criminal Justice programs. These are the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and the Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The psychology degree is applicable to a wide variety of career fields and work places.


Tuition Assistance Available
Baker Online College financial counselors consider the college edu. programs to be exceptionally reasonable in price. Nevertheless they participate in PELL and TAP and also have scholarships available for qualified applicants. Don’t forget to check with your employer as most major employers will reimburse you for the cost of your tuition once you have received passing grades for each semester. This benefit is very useful as you can use the money yourself while the TAP and PELL goes to the college to pay your bill.

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