Choose Your New Career

Have you been collecting college brochures and catalogues? Are you spending hours searching the Internet for just the right kind of education that will give you the income or lifestyle you want? With all the choices you could make, perhaps you have come to the realization, "I need help deciding what career to choose."

This website is dedicated to providing you with information on the careers that are in demand, are available online, and offer flexible options—even in a day when many industrial jobs once taken for granted no longer exist.

The following list summarizes some of the more promising and available careers available in today’s workplace.

Careers in financial planning

Financial planners help business and individuals manage their investments, retirement funds, taxes, and estates. You could work within a brokerage either in the “back office” where you process orders and keep track of accounts or directly with clients as their broker/dealer. The complexity of modern business and investments ensures that a good financial planner will never be out of work.

Career in finance

A career in finance could mean anything from insurance to real estate. You could work in investment banking, in corporate finance, or in money management for any organization. You could be in accounting, marketing, or even education.

Careers in the social science field

Those with social science degrees are needed for a wide variety of community service roles including family counseling, substance abuse counseling, public education, health care coordinating, and many more. Every major company has an employee / public relations department. A social science degree teaches you how to understand and work with all different types of people.

Careers in psychology

Careers in psychology could lead you into education, public service, research, or the health care fields. Psychology is a very broad discipline with literally dozens of possible career applications. For example, an engineering psychologist studies the interaction between people and machines to discover the most productive ways of completing any process. A forensic psychologist, on the other hand, will work in a court room to apply psychological principles to legal issues.

Careers in criminology and criminal justice

Criminal justice may seem like an obvious career field, but it involves numerous applications that you might have never considered. In addition to working in law enforcement, for example, you might be a court clerk, a CIA agent, a crime scene investigator, or a fish and game warden.

The areas listed above all have one thing in common. They all involve professional or business services, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics says includes the most rapidly growing industries—and sources of employment in the US economy.

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